About CLAE

Founded in 2019 as a #MakeInIndia brand, CLAE seeks to revolutionise the backpack market by allowing its end users to actively engage in the design process by enabling them to tweak the look and feel of their backpacks.

We strongly believe in the power of customisation, placing a mighty emphasis on creating products that align our community's Desires of Fashion and Demands of Utility. ​ We operate on the philosophy of Deconstruct to Reconstruct, creating a brand that combines modularity with utility and aesthetics. With this goal in mind, all our products are skilfully crafted using quality materials such as Neoprene, EPDM, Cardura, and Vegan Leather, which have previously only been used by the elitist brands operating in this space. ​

At our core, we seek to create an ultimate melange of design and utility, offering affordable luxury with customisation embedded in every product. Keeping this in mind, we encourage our community to rise out of the ordinary and customise, create and play with the multiple designs we have to offer. ​

Be Different, Be Unique, #PlayWithCLAE